The much-awaited take-off

Finally, my long awaited dream of traveling to Europe became a reality when my family attended a travel expo in January, 2010. The travel agency Thomas Cook was offering an attractive summer package to Europe and my Dad was convinced about the deal. I was elated and couldn’t contain my joy. In fact, I was glad I coaxed my parents into visiting the expo. My Dad booked the 8 countries tour package for the entire family. It was called the “European Extravaganza” if I remember correctly – how apt! the name itself sounded so enticing! 😛 In case you are wondering how big this family is, bookings were made for my parents, my younger brother, and myself. It’s not a huge family after all!!! 😛 …Otherwise Dad would have second thoughts about the travel plans 😀

We set off on our transcontinental journey on 8th July, 2010.  From Bangalore, we boarded our flight to London Heathrow airport via Mumbai. Our tour manager was Mr. Custodio Fernandes & we were traveling with 14 other families from various parts of India. The group consisted of doctors, just-married couples, a chartered accountant & his family, and businessmen with their families. We reached London in the evening & we were all so jet- lagged that we just had dinner that night and crashed. (The travel agency had wisely not planned anything for that evening. I must say, they sure do know their customers well!)

This was my itinerary (12 day trip to 8 countries)

Day 1&2: London

Day 3: Holland & Brussels, Belgium

Day 4 & 5: Paris

Day 6: Germany

Day 7,8,&9: Switzerland

Day 10,11: Italy

Day 12: Vatican

Follow this blog to know more about my fascinating journey to each of these places!!


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